January 2021 Highlights

*  Our Bishop  announced that all in-person worship has been suspended in the Diocese of Chicago starting Monday November 16 until further notice and subject to current COVID 19 pandemic public health restrictions.  Fr. James will continue virtual services, but can also make hygienic consecrated hosts for communion available to those who wish.  Please stay tuned for further announcements as they become available.  Calendar corrections appear listed below, but not on the calendar itself.

*  In Illinois and the diocese of Chicago, we are currently not able to offer in-person worship services, but virtual services will continue to be broadcast and recordings made available for those who live at a distance, are not well, or at risk.  Sunday Virtual Mass will be live streamed at 10:30am and Wednesday Virtual Mass at 5:30pm, until further notice.  As soon as in-person worship is allowed we will post a new schedule.   

* If you are interested in attending St. Anne's virtual services "live" please contact Fr. James at: revjamesbski@gmail.com and he will add you to the email invite from GoToMeeting.  Youtube video recordings can be viewed at any time - see link on schedule page. 

* Please note than when in-person worship resumes you must also contact Fr. James prior to attending.  Seating is available by reservation only to comply with pandemic response health restrictions.  Please see the health protocol below.

Sunday December 27th - The First Sunday after Christmas Day will be celebrated with virtual Mass from the rectory at 10:30am. 

Wednesday December 30th - We will celebrate the Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ (transferred from the 1st) with virtual Mass from the Rectory at 5:30pm.

Thursday December 31st - The Right Reverend Jeffrey Dean Lee, the 12th Bishop of Chicago retires today.  We pray for him, his wife Lisa and family wherever the future leads.  We do know he will be the part-time provisional Bishop for the diocese of Milwaukee starting soon.  We offer our congratulations to and prayers for the Rev. Canon Paula E. Clark from Washington D.C. our bishop-elect.  She will be the first Black person, and first woman to hold the position.  Clark, who is scheduled to be consecrated on April 24, will succeed Bishop Jeffrey D. Lee, as our 13th Bishop of Chicago.  Check out the diocesan website (link on the About page) for more details.

Sunday  January 3rd - The 2nd Sunday after Christmas day will be celebrated with Virtual Mass from the rectory at 10:30am.  Happy New Year to our parish family and hoping for a better 2021!

Wednesday January 6th - We will celebrate the Epiphany or the Manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Gentiles with Virtual Mass from the Rectory at 5:30pm.

​​Sunday January 10th - The 1st Sunday after the Epiphany, and the Baptism of Christ, will be celebrated with a virtual Mass from the rectory at 10:30am.  

Wednesday January 13th - We will honor Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers with virtual Mass from the Rectory at 5:30pm.

Sunday January 17th - The 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany will be celebrated with a virtual Mass from the rectory at 10:30am.

Wednesday January 20th - We will celebrate the Confession of Saint Paul the Apostle (transferred from the 18th) with virtual Mass from the Rectory at 5:30pm.  The vestry of St. Anne's will meet virtually after Mass convening at 6:45pm.  As all vestry meetings are open to members, you may request an invite from Fr. James if you would like to listen in.

Sunday January 24th - The 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany will be celebrated with a virtual Mass from the rectory at 9:00am (please note the time change).  At the present time we are planning to host our Annual General Meeting virtually after mass at 10:30am.  Fr. James will email the usual reports and a separate link to join the meeting.  Voting will be held by acclimation or by written comments.  Please let us know if you wish to attend, but don't have access to reliable internet service and we will make sure you receive the reports and that your input is considered for our only congregational meeting of the year.

Wednesday January 27th  - We will celebrate the Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle (transferred from the 25th) with virtual Mass from the Rectory at 5:30pm.  

Sunday January 31st - The 4th Sunday after the Epiphany will be celebrated at St. Anne's with a virtual Mass from the Rectory at 10:30am.

Wednesday February 3rd - We will celebrate the Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple (transferred from the 2nd) with virtual Mass from the Rectory at 5:30pm.

Preliminary January Calendar with rota

​(pending notice of in-person worship and annual general meeting updates as noted above)

Health protocols for in person worship at the church of St. Anne during COVID-19 Pandemic 7/5/20:
1.Please stay home if you are in an “at risk” people group – attend virtual services.
2.If you do not feel well or are sick, please stay home – attend virtual services.
3.If you have been tested for or have COVID-19, please inform Fr. James in full pastoral confidentiality so that you can receive prayer. Quarantine yourself appropriately and help others avoid contracting the virus.
4.Utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which makes you feel safe and more especially makes others feel safe and comfortable.
       Wear a face mask or other face covering.
       Avoid physical contact and touching others.
5.Maintain 6-foot minimum physical distancing.
6.Wash hands frequently and utilize hand sanitizer.
7.Be hopeful and positive. We are getting closer to wining the battle against this virus every day.
8.Our help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth.

Please don't forget:
  We are in a situation with the Coronavirus that is unprecedented to any other time in our life and it is so important that we keep St. Anne’s in our thoughts and  you remain vigilant to continue to give your pledge and donations that are so vital to keep up with our Church operating budget.
  Please send your donation to the Church of Saint Anne Attn: Treasurer.
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