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April Calendar with rota

Health protocols for in person worship at the church of St. Anne during COVID-19 Pandemic 7/5/20:
1.Please stay home if you are in an “at risk” people group – attend virtual services.
2.If you do not feel well or are sick, please stay home – attend virtual services.
3.If you have been tested for or have COVID-19, please inform Fr. James in full pastoral confidentiality so that you can receive prayer. Quarantine yourself appropriately and help others avoid contracting the virus.
4.Utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which makes you feel safe and more especially makes others feel safe and comfortable.
       Wear a face mask or other face covering.
       Avoid physical contact and touching others.
5.Maintain 6-foot minimum physical distancing.
6.Wash hands frequently and utilize hand sanitizer.
7.Be hopeful and positive. We are getting closer to wining the battle against this virus every day.
8.Our help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth.

Please don't forget:
  We are in a situation with the Coronavirus that is unprecedented to any other time in our life and it is so important that we keep St. Anne’s in our thoughts and  you remain vigilant to continue to give your pledge and donations that are so vital to keep up with our Church operating budget.
  Please send your donation to the Church of Saint Anne Attn: Treasurer.
Church of Saint Anne
Attn: Treasurer
401 North Cherry Street
Morrison, IL 61270Type your paragraph here.

April 2021 Highlights

*  In-person worship with restrictions has resumed at St. Anne's.  Please stay tuned for further announcements as they become available.  COVID 19 restrictions may apply without much notice.  Calendar corrections appear listed below, but not on the calendar itself.

* If you are interested in attending St. Anne's virtual services "live" please contact Fr. James at: and he will add you to the email invite from GoToMeeting.  Youtube video recordings are available soon after the "live" sessions and can be viewed at any time - see link on schedule page. 

* You should also contact Fr. James prior to attending in-person worship at St. Anne's which is currently limited to 8 households/18 people.  Seating is available by reservation only to comply with pandemic response health restrictions.  Please see the health protocol below.

Sunday March 28th - Palm Sunday/The Sunday of the Passion will be celebrated with in-person Mass at 9:00am and virtual Mass from the rectory at 10:30am.  

Wednesday March 31st - We will celebrate Wednesday in Holy Week with in-person Mass at 5:30pm (no virtual Mass).  

Thursday April 1st - Maundy Thursday - Virtual Lenten Study 10:00am via GoToMeeting.  In-person Solemn High Mass will be held at 5:30pm and the Virtual Watch will begin at 6:30pm.  Fr. James will share a sign-up sheet and instructions via email for the watch which you will do at home.

Friday April 2nd - Good Friday - In-person Stations of the Cross and end of the virtual watch 9:00am.  In-person Veneration & Mass of the Pre-sanctified starts at 5:30pm.  Father James and the Morrison Ministerial Council have provided an on-line video on the Seven Last Words of Christ from the Cross to view at your leisure.  You can follow the links provided here for on-line offerings.

Sunday April 4th - Easter Sunday will be celebrated with in-person Mass at 9:00am and virtual Mass from the rectory at 10:30am.

Monday April 5th - Tuesday April 13th - Fr. James will be out of the office for vacation on these days except for Sunday April 11th.  There will be no daily offices during this time period and no evening Masses on Wednesday April 7th.  

Sunday April 11th - The 2nd Sunday of Easter will be celebrated with in-person Mass at 9:00am and virtual Mass from the rectory at 10:30am.

Wednesday April 14th - We will celebrate an Easter Feria with in-person Mass at 5:30pm and virtual Mass from the Rectory at 6:30pm.

Sunday April 18th - The 3rd Sunday of Easter will be celebrated with in-person Mass at 9:00am and virtual Mass from the rectory at 10:30am.  Today is the last day for our Spring in-gathering for UTO.  The United Thank Offering (UTO) is a ministry of The Episcopal Church.  Individuals are invited to deepen a personal daily spiritual discipline of gratitude, give thanks to God for those blessings and make an offering.  100% of what is collected supports innovative mission and ministry throughout The Episcopal Church and Provinces of the Anglican Communion.  Please make your checks payable to: The Church of St. Anne with UTO designated on the check.  Checks may be sent to Treasurer Jerry Brown or put into the Offering Plate in church.  Thank you.

Wednesday April 21st - We will honor Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury with virtual Mass from the Rectory at 5:30pm (there will be no in-person Mass) followed by our monthly virtual Vestry Meeting which will start at 6:45pm.  All members are welcome to listen in and should request a link from Fr. James to join.

Sunday  April 25th - The 4th Sunday of Easter will be celebrated with in-person Mass at 9:00am and Virtual Mass  from the rectory at 10:30am.    

Wednesday April 28th - We will celebrate the Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist (transferred from the 25th) with in-person Mass at 5:30pm and virtual Mass from the Rectory at 6:30pm.  This is a major feast in the church calendar where we commemorate the writer of our oldest Gospel, and the great work of Evangelism which it relates.