The Episcopal Church of St. Anne ​​

August Calendar and rota

August 2020 Highlights

With the Bishop's approval and State of Illinois moving into phase 4 "revitalization" stage from the Coronavirus pandemic we will re-enter the church beginning on Sunday July 5, 2020.  We will offer in-person Holy Eucharist Rite II on Sunday mornings at 9:00am and Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm.  Virtual services will continue to be broadcast and recordings made available for those who live at a distance, are not well, or at risk.  Sunday Virtual Mass will be live streamed at 10:30am and Wednesday Virtual Mass at 6:30pm.   Please note the changes to our worship services schedule noted below that will include 3 pre-recorded Holy Eucharist Sunday services.

If you are interested in attending St. Anne's virtual services please contact Fr. James at: and he will add you to the email invite from GoToMeeting.  Youtube video recordings can be viewed at any time. 

Please also contact Fr. James if you are interested in attending in-person worship.  Seating is available by reservation only to comply with phase 4 health restrictions.

Health protocols for in person worship at the church of St. Anne during COVID-19 Pandemic 7/5/20:
1.Please stay home if you are in an “at risk” people group – attend virtual services.
2.If you do not feel well or are sick, please stay home – attend virtual services.
3.If you have been tested for or have COVID-19, please inform Fr. James in full pastoral confidentiality so that you can receive prayer. Quarantine yourself appropriately and help others avoid contracting the virus.
4.Utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which makes you feel safe and more especially makes others feel safe and comfortable.
       Wear a face mask or other face covering.
       Avoid physical contact and touching others.
5.Maintain 6-foot minimum physical distancing.
6.Wash hands frequently and utilize hand sanitizer.
7.Be hopeful and positive. We are getting closer to wining the battle against this virus every day.
8.Our help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth.

​Please don't forget:
  We are in a situation with the Coronavirus that is unprecedented to any other time in our life and it is so important that we keep St. Anne’s in our thoughts and  you remain vigilant to continue to give your pledge and donations that are so vital to keep up with our Church operating budget.
  Please send your donation to the Church of Saint Anne Attn: Treasurer.
Church of Saint Anne
Attn: Treasurer
401 North Cherry Street
Morrison, IL 61270

Sunday August 2nd - The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost.  In-person worship with Mass at 9:00am and virtual Mass from the Rectory at 10:30am.

Wednesday August 5th - The Eve of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ will be celebrated with in-person Mass at 5:30pm and virtual Mass from the Rectory at 6:30pm.

Friday August 7th to Tuesday August 25th - There will be no daily or Sunday in-person or virtual services while Fr. James takes a much needed rest from his duties to rejuvenate and recharge.  Pre-recorded Mass will be offered as noted below on the Sundays he is off and there will also be no vestry meeting or financial review this month.

Sunday August 9th - The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost:  Pre-recorded Mass only.

Saturday August 15th - The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven is not well attested in the bible, but generations of Christians have joyfully celebrated this heavenly birthday of the Queen of Heaven and First Among the Saints.  Please observe this special day with personal devotions at home.

Sunday August 16th - The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost:  Pre-recorded Mass only.

Saturday August 22nd -  Our kind and generous hosts Ralph & Jane Kennedy have again offered their home and grounds for our Annual Parish Picnic.  We will celebrate summer and our collective life together gathering 2:30 to 3:00pm and eating at 4:30pm.  Due to COVID-19 health restrictions this will NOT be Potluck.  We have agreed to bring ONLY our own food for our own consumption and the Kennedy's provide the venue and hot coals for each person to cook one's own food on the grill.  Please let Fr. James know if you plan to attend by email or his cell phone.  Bring your favorite dishes, side dishes, beverages, plates & utensils, lawn chairs, and any outdoor protection needed.

Sunday August 23rd - The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost: Pre-recorded Mass only.

Wednesday August 26th - We welcome Fr. James back and will celebrate the Feast of St. Bartholomew, Apostle (transferred from the 24th) with in-person Mass at 5:30pm and virtual Mass at 6:30pm.

Saturday August 29th - Annual Parish Picnic rain date (if needed).

Sunday August 30th - The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost celebrated with in-person Mass at 9:00am, a little socially-distanced fellowship in the resurrection garden, and a virtual Mass transmitted from the Rectory at 10:30am.